taking care of mother #14

taking care of mother


it’s not always sad you know

it’s not always gloom

just look at all the flowers

and ponder the pearl moon


the oceans speak of flashes

their colors out of view

the beetle bugs and fireflies

they know just what to do


sometimes it seems so crazy

this world that comes from man

but if you take a few steps back

you’ll see a bigger plan


all seasons come and always leave

the plants know when to grow

the rain and sun will do their work

the streams and rivers flow


perhaps we’ll be forgotten

after all the mess we’ve made

but nature knows to clean her house

with all her gifts handmade


if we want to stay around this place

it’s time we showed some sense

by taking care of mother earth

and come to her defense


you matter in this struggle

don’t turn the other cheek

speak up for what’s important

or no doubt our future’s bleak

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