Endings – Hour 24 Prompt

Endings are the best place to begin
If you know where you are going,
and where you plan to land,
you already know where you need to start
Begin where you need to reach your Endings

Early – Hour 23 Prompt

Its better to be early
if it makes the night shorter
the morning rougher
its worth the peace of mind

Sidewalks empty
Stairwells without dodging
Nonexistent queues
Freedom to play with the echoes

Vancouver – Hour 19 Prompt

I used to love coming to you
the exhilaration grew as the miles lessened
I learned my lines and the border guards let me through

A new city sprawl, with streets and backroads to learn
secret hidden spots, sights to see
Soon we fell into routine

I thought I knew my way around the town
but you can only get so far
in a city with no left hand turns

For a city so familiar
you made me feel so foreign
Especially as the border guards tore apart my car.

Unknown Animals – Hour 17 Prompt

Fossils are an incredibly rare occurrence
there were beings walking here
beyond our comprehension
and their colors, flumes, tooth and claw, maw and diets
we will never know
Sharks and alligators unchanged for millions and millions of years
perfect predators, still share our home
Is it unlikely others have stayed around as well?

New species are discovered in the depths of caves, oceans, and rainforests
critters long thought passed pop up unexpectedly
Long necked, early Jurassic beasts may not be lurking in lakes
raising humps
But their ancient sturgeon brethren may
Natives had tales of the Hairy Men, The Wise Men of the Mountain
the link is still missing
Jackalopes hanging on the Wall Drug wall in Wyoming aren’t real
except we made them real

Just because
we don’t know for sure that they are here
doesn’t mean they haven’t been here
or that they aren’t real simply from the magic of our imaginations

You – Hour 15 Prompt

Beauty mark
All of your face

All of your style

Golden hair
Back dimples
Jewelry and tatoos
All of your body

All of your voice

All of You

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