Sacrificial Cakes (14)

It is what it is, will not explain what once was.

This story of resourcefulness may cause you to pause.


Parvati did not cheat and plan to hurt,

she molded her son from earth and from dirt.

The son who questioned his sire and birth

got his head lopped off and replaced with the truth.


What will we put there, where his head used to be?

Why, what’s the very first thing you might see?

An elephant’s head, it truly must be.


Not done with the fighting, his brother was next.

The boys were arguing, as brothers will do,

but who was brightest between these two?


On a peacock Kartikeya took off on one day.

Ganesha stayed back, circled his parents and lay

at their feet, his devotion that ran oh, so deep.


Always so clever, so wise, and so true,

his belly burst open and he dumped out a few

sacrificial cakes,

surprised by a snake.

He stuffed them back in,

securing with snake skin.


So, when you have questions about the intangible and abstract,

Remember Ganesha and his elephant’s trunk.

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