Hour 9 – Prompt 9 – Picture 1 – “Enjoy the present”

You’ve left me free in this picturesque scene
Free to explore and go, wherever I wish

Should I walk on the board walk, enjoy the creaks?
Should I climb and balance to walk on the wooden fence?
Should I walk on the moist, yellow grass, near the stream?
Should I walk on the dry, yellow grass, soft beneath my heels?
Should I climb on the fragile branches, and flit like a butterfly?
Should I jump from one branch to the next, like a monkey, all agile?
Should I explore deeper into the rugged terrain, on a mountain trek?
Should I touch the snow with bare hands, and the sky above my head?
Should I row on handmade boat, and check where the stream goes?
Should I just put my feet in the water and feel the water’s flow?

With so many choices to make, will I forget to breathe in the essence?
Will I forget to enjoy the present moment in nature’s presence?

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