Draw Nearer

Draw Nearer

Sirens wailing, fires blazing
Draw nearer
Evacuation center
Smokey skies are burning
The sun’s on fire
The moon immersed in
A tidal pool of blood

Province burning, ‘copters whirling
Draw nearer
Breathe deep and try not to think
Of what could or could not be
It’s just about time
For the hot point in the year
Think carefully

Lakes are flooding, so many dying
Water and Air
Fire and Earth
All trade places
Nothing could be done about that perhaps
Not but you or me
But the rest!
We’re all caught up in it
Trees explode like roman candles
What started this?
One cigarette

Still too cool to put the flicker out
Instead of flash it out the window
Onto the tinder and broken land
You’re not above it all
No one is safe from any of this
Don’t think anyone is too good to
Be caught in the hell of flames
To lose your home or family
It happens every day

Sirens wailing, fires blazing,
Province burning, ‘copters whirling
Lakes are flooding, so many dying
Draw nearer
To a piece of sanity

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