My Little Fuzz

He came to us with Juno
But not in January
She was his sister
Traveling with Flynn
A sure and noble guide,
He brought the two safely
Through mountains to bring Fuzz
By our sides
They arrived brother and sister,
Two white balls
Not unlike tribbles
He and I knew each other on sight
Fuzz and I
He’d come back again
He didn’t look back
Or cry
Or look for his Fuzz family
I am so happy
I have my Fuzz
I can’t stop hugging him
Now he’s not so small
I won’t squish
Out his guts
When I squeeze him hard
He hugs me back
With wookie arms
And nibbles on my ears
Talking his strange language
Unlike any animal except Fuzz
He’s still a white ball of fluff
He’s still my Fuzz
He got a ride back to me
His belly’s got more freckles
Then I thought possible
He has a lip
Just like he ought
His teeth are sharp
His claws are not
He looks like he’s trouble
Mostly he’s not
He likes to sleep
Just like a Gund
My little Fuzz
He’s getting big
He learned things like ‘kisses’
and ‘I need help up!’
He knows his name
But he also comes to Fuzz
He loves to play
He runs like a streak
but afterwards
He’s back asleep
He eats like a tribble
He grows fast enough to watch
He’s my sweet smelling Fuzz
Sleeping under the juniper trees
That’s his favorite place to sleep
When he isn’t in my closet
Four paws in the air
Not a care in the world
He’s safe and he’s happy
He’s a white ball of fuzz
Beloved by everyone
Working hard at his lessons
To be the best fuzz he can be

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