Hey hey!

As the time nears, I am getting ready for an emotion filled day! I set my alarms, and I am busy¬†collecting writing prompts! This is an awesome idea and I’m excited¬†to be a part of it! Another idea, I will be taking a small video each hour just documenting how I’m feeling with each new hour! Cant wait to read everyone’s work!

5 thoughts on “Hey hey!

  1. A small video is a great idea! So are alarm clocks. Lots of them. Have you tried uploading a video to the blog? I haven’t tested that yet, so it would be good to know it works!

    1. OK! So I tested video uploading. It seems to work well. In the posting section, click “add media,” then you can upload your video. Once you do that, go to “create video playlist” on the side. From there, you just need to click the right buttons.

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