Poem 11 Hour 11 Comedian


Her face opened up like a gift when she smiled.

Music came out of her mouth when something was funny enough.

Still, she’d cover her face as she did so.

As if she was insecure or trying to hold herself back.

And he wanted her to know that she did not need to hide herself or anything about her.

He wanted her to be completely herself and let the music play.

For she is his melody.

And he is her comedian.


Poem 10 Hour 10 Tired


My mind is awake while the world is asleep.

I watch the sun set and the sky darken.

My mood set with it.

Yesterday I was strong.

Today I am tired.

I’ve been through so much and I’m not even that old.

Poems struggle to be written and I keep trying.

I take my hope out of the box and let it shine.


Poem 9 Hour 9 Prison

Falling into depression;

my mind won’t shut off,

the hate won’t stop.

I am locked in my dark prison again.

Crying out with no sound.

Poem 8 Hour 8 Awaken

My brain is squishy.

Words aren’t coming to me.

I’ve lost my talent.

I feel abandoned and the empty feeling only grows.

Where are you, my muse?

I call out again and again until my voice is hoarse.

Come home and awaken my soul.

Poem 7 Hour 7

His black face is relaxed.

His long body taking up almost the whole ottoman.

His soft snores make me smile.

His fur is growing back after his last hair cut.

A sleeping cat is a happy cat.

Almost 11 years old, he still plays and cuddles.

He makes my day everyday.

Poem 6 Hour 6 Lives On

Dear you,

You still write and I am so proud.

The quarters I gave you for every story paid off.

I have missed you and your cousins.

It’s been too long.

I’m sorry I couldn’t eat well so I could watch you grow into a young woman.

But my love lives on in every piece you write.

Don’t ever give up.



Poem 5 Hour 5 Love


Walking through the park with her satchel across her breasts; she stops.

A sunflower touches her nose and she breathes it in and closes her eyes.

Everyday she takes this walk to visit the flowers and clear her head.

Back at home she will add cheddar cheese to her Chilli, fill her wine glass to the brim and watch the oak trees dance in her yard.

Being divorced has been healing.

She is free to do whatever her heart desires.

For now, she just enjoys the space.

And fills herself with love.

Poem 4 Hour 4 Someday

Modestly dressed,

she only dreams of wearing less.

Her husband works and controls the money.

And she stays home and cooks and raises the children.

Her days are the same.

At dances, she looks at other women with longing.

Her youngest son beams up at her and her daughter takes her hand, bringing her back to the present.

Someday woman will have a voice and more rights.


Poem 3 Hour 3 Stars

City of stars,

don’t let me down tonight.

I have wishes to make.

Pictures to take.

If I could set myself free,

I could breathe.

Later I will hang the pictures on my walls,

to remember I’m not alone.

City of stars,

your beauty makes me forget my pain.

Poem 2 Hour 2 Music

The woods are lovely, dark and deep (Robert Frost)

I whisper my secrets to the leaves.

Time is lost and I am found.

I’m not alone among the creatures who sleep.

I face the demons in my mind.

The wind creates music within the trees.

And we dance together long past evening.

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