City of Stars – Prompt SH

Tread deeply into my soul, the finale is about to start.

For just a while, linger close, to dance amongst the stars.

Empty graves, lies the destination set for you and me

Disregard your worries to focus here. On what we can make be.

Presently, embrace the wind, the chill, the breeze

360 turns of sweltering heat

Lean into me, I promise you, I’ll upkeep your memory

But dear I fear, it’s too early to turnback or be afraid

Instead take my hand, through the seasons.

A path already laid.

Rocky at times but that’s the risk to enjoy this unpredictable journey.

Hop through dimensions, one by one, take over and repeat.

I love to see you smile, as we discover what was once unknown.

Feather your comfort marginally, the higher that we go.

In your distraction I can tell your now ready for the peak

Flashes of color shine through your eyes, the sounds of glee I covet as you speak.

But “See you again.” I’ll never say.

It’s the end, we’ve finally reached.

5 thoughts on “City of Stars – Prompt SH

  1. Wow! There is a lilt and rhythm that matches the Cellos and I can ‘hear’ it in this poem. But there is also the haunting understory and you capture that well! Love this line:
    ‘Feather your comfort marginally, the higher that we go.’

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