Checked Baggage (Hour 15)

People watching, ticket check,
boarding pass print, panic, time efficiency
Shuffle past multitudes of lives, interplaying,
happening to occupy the same space for mere instances,
rushing to catch various flights,
mechanisms soaring across the globe in days, hours.

People who would never have likely met, see each other, for a moment, a glance.
The power of flight, of world travel, too busy for minds to connect.

Marked with rows and files,
segmented stomachs of the flying worm,
Seats next to the aisle, seats next to the window
Food, entertainment, alcohol,
satisfied to surrender motion,
absorb the air, ride the flight.

People up to their asses in people
Up to your elbows in people,
Breathing people, breathing other people breathing.
Flying in my seat across the sky,
We sever clouds
And soar over mountaintops.

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