The Wordless Lament (Hour 2)

Nameless wonders speak volumes in my unwritten heart.
Called to taste the moment their beauty can be shared
and forever trembling behind my unspoken hand.

Come forth wordless desire
eternally escaping my call for definition.
If not by words then
find sound and understanding in a chord or broken rhythm,
find comprehension in a touch, or stroke of hair, or waltzing precision.

Do not let yourself die in the quiet fire of my longings!

Birth yourself from me in colors splashed on canvas,
in caressing hands upon clay, delicate fingers placed upon strings.

If not by words then
make thyself known by contracting muscle, by tides of blood,
by sex and sweat and tears upon pillows.

It is you who inspires all forms of expression.
It is your authorship signed on every overlooked simplicity, every unappreciated complexity.
Do not orphan the magnitude of your gravity.
Give it voice, give it flavor, give it scent and color! Give it texture!

If not by words,
then by utter silence, in total darkness.
Removed from the need to name you.
Your beckoning emptiness is satiated
in the still surrender of my tongue.

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