With Banners of Black and Red (Hour 8)

The original line of inspiration is “Fire! Revenge! Death to Kings! Life to the new world of the heart’s dreaming!” from On the North Sea Part II, by Edward Abbey.

Atop the hills they stood like beacons warning of an approaching fire,
All across the battlefield the hopeless youth sung songs of revenge:

“To victory, for glory, for honor, to make suffer the oppressors, we do not fear death!
We charge thy guiding hand with irreparable avarice and sentence you to
the abysmal history of impotent Kings.”

Come sing the songs of a dawning generation refusing to surrender its right to life!
Join hands with the martyrs of revolutionary definition, and make a stand with the righteous to
declare this enduring resistance as the
End of old world antiquity, set to kill impossible delusions of golden age fantasy with new
hearts and blood and dreams upcoming, with worth and passion to reshape our world
by our design, for our time, for the imperishable longing of
our chance to seize the day, for our chance to lead the
future by tomorrow’s heart’s
bleeding! Revolting! Triumphant and dreaming!

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