With the Inside Where the Outside Should Be (Hour 7)

Dissolve your heart’s intentions with the cruel ramblings of brave love.
No one else will know its glory, but everyone will fall in its wake.

Standing bold enough to erase the face of a watching god,
I declare a black out upon the Sun!
For I am the fleeing nightmare of the fields on fire,
And I’ve come to bring a message from the dead.

Grave destinations immersed in emotions,
bleed the life from your aching soul,
hide beneath the penance of hunger,
a name for this torment, is yet to be spoke.

Behold a hollow monument of all my failing inventions.
I am a cemetery of ill-fated dreams.
Where love had dared to know my sin.

I rest my weary thoughts upon her cold breast,
and the life I seek has been drained of all its energy
The greatest confusion of all is staring right back into me,
still trying to hold onto a moment that has already passed me.

Upon the moment of recognition,
when I was realizing the value of my own worth,
I began to buckle under the weight of who I had been.

Break down the door to misery inviting,
further into the fall of mankind’s dormant city life,
I have come to know these empty ruins well,
I have found a way back into the light.

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