Hour 4 — The Dwarf Song

We are the Dwarves of Grivenweld
A stronger beast you’ve never beheld
We never cry, we never fear
We’re veritable strangers to despair
And when the fight is upon us
We’re not known to stall or fuss
And we love to eat our boars and deer

Elves are friends, and trolls are foes
Our strength and might, our enemy knows
We never forgive, we never forget
We stay alert for any threat
By day we toil, by night we sleep
Summers we sow, in winters reap
And we live our lives without a regret

And when our day is done
We’re buried under the sun
We, the Dwarves of Grivenweld
Many a troll our axes have felled
Our treasures are many, our sorrows few
This our song, we sing for you
And now we must retire to our earthly bed

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