When It’s Cold, Fear Not To Riot

It is cold
The corps may be coloured with the white of snow
The innocent white that is pure and light
When the invisible officers points people indoors
And those that are out must have something to do
It is like a curfew, a curfew that can be bribed
Whether you are in or whether you are out
All they want, is to disarm you, this fireless soldier
Whether you are in or whether you are out
Don’t fear to riot, don’t fear my friend

When nature seems to be at ease and the greatest threat is the whistling shots
Don’t say “it’s just music”, it can force you to its rhythm
If need be, riot
Lest you become a victim of a cold war

Throw up a fire
It may be blue, yellow or red, who cares
It may stain the white of snow, don’t fear
Splash the brown sash across the green lines
Even the forest will have its time

When it is cold
And the answer isn’t easy as white and black
Then let the colours riot
The colours we have picked overtime

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