I my not be the best

Hour – 17
In this world full of charms
i may not be the best
Yet certainly, I’m not like the rest
a path wide enough
for only two of us to walk abreast
The feelings the emotions
No real love just the lust
Failed to learn the maneuvers
Mocked by the dirty trickers
Trying to kill my innocence
every action under a surveillance
Trying to overcome the resentment
Ignored the Prophecy
Fell prey to Destiny
It’s not as easy as I assumed
To conserve the world from being doomed
I guess I was wrong
To fix the cold world
Fill the warmth of love
Is not going to be easy as the task
Yet, I am happy with the suffering
The cost i paid for honesty is vast
In this world full of fallacies
I may not be the best
But at least I am not like the rest


Aditi Dixit

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