And So She Died

I have had the options of reading

Of death and the deceased

I found most much misleading

Death is no fiction

I felt only love, lived only in fantasy

I was foolishly mistaken

She was a flower blooming, a vigorous sea

A haunted passion of the desolate

Grief swayed with her, misery danced around

And laughter laughed mystified

She was my relief, solace found

Though I suppose that was unfortunate

She was a deluge of desire

For even all divinity could hardly wait

To claim her life and tear me apart

No, time never glanced twice

No skies fell

They did what they did, rolled the dice

And all was fine

Amusing to my misery as she fed on me

As grief chewed out my soul

As I fought divine decree

Death remained unexplainable

I wondered, as autumns claimed my springs

Where I had first lost reality

As indefinable, death has a favorite lullaby it sings

As it sang to me each night

It sang and sang and I died each time

And so she died, yes, she died

And here I am, capable of rhyme!

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