Beauty is Sumptuous

Beauty is sumptuous riders of uncertainty

Truth is no certainty, you under the lantern of reality

War is not irrefutable, givers of reason

You wonder why be reasonable, in oceans of treason?

Fights are necessary, dreamers of amnesty

Yet blessed with reason peaceful, do not receive cruelty

Peace is the courage, priests of satisfactions

Are as they as satisfying, holy transactions?

Fear is ever worshipped, guardians of the faithful

Dare not play with faith since it is job of the fearful

Words are for meanings clear, listeners of perception

Though it has been perceived their laughter has reception

Forgiveness is so vast, regiment of mercy

For each merciless soul demanding decree

where ferns now grow, in once cherished grounds

and jars and jars of muffled sounds

Truth is merely a decision, collectors of wisdom solemn

Between truth and notional apprehension common

And they say, beauty is sumptuous, riders of uncertainty

For happiness maybe peace in misery.



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