I have not been known to speak of rhyme

Yet I am held accused of a certain crime

A known stranger has taken me spellbound

Swiftly, slowly his love has come around

In celestial ways his words so enchanting

He turns monotony into fables so captivating

Above the ringing of each sound sonorous

Stands his gleeful laugh in all stands humorous

Mystify, mesmerize, simply intoxicate

Those hazy espresso eyes, carved to invigorate

He lies satisfyingly cold in the midst of summer

And burning hot in winter’s murmur

Purely seraphic in his existence

From the dwellings of angels is his countenance

His anger, too is strong as a thunder fall

It lands into my heart for my senses to enthrall

His passions a sea of deep discovery

His thoughts to me are divine decree

All his self a glorious mystery untold

As I wait for the secrets carved in him to unfold

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