She covered her truth in red

It was as her mother had said

To lead astray the lustful

However, she was distrustful

Of the hood that enveloped

And those habits it developed

It hid her, of course, saved much

But its effect was such

That she was reminded forever

She must not forget, ever

A wolf loomed hereabout

It spoke and it would shout

A crimson delight for the beast

As she carried her loved one’s feast

She knew her tale though

She knew the end so

“A woodcutter saved the little red”

We all know, we’re fed

All the stories that have run

The hood saved none, no one

So I wondered why hide so?

By Lord, we should by now know

Make no false defense, hide in no hood

If a wolf is to come, and that it would

No shield of your disbelief shall save you

It will reassure the cowards; true

But if I dare say

Shall you be a coward today?


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