She is goddess to a time that worships the deity

She is slave to the temples that bore divinity

She was brought to heights of golden towers
She was beheld for seasons of heavy showers
She procured mist and wind and fortunes
She contains secrets from seas and dunes
She was religion preoccupied
As hearts stood mystified
She caused war among nobles and reverted amnesty
She was bought and sold upon gold and silver in forgery
She was at palaces, ruler and slave to her creation
She was valued in torn shrouds and admiration
She had her faith denounced to betray
She fought for truth and went astray
She was history that lied
And souls hardly satisfied
She was regained, won in pride and prudence
She was reclaimed in humble condolence
She grew and formed shackles around freedom
She was utterly unconvinced of wisdom
She fought yet still and was honored victor
She stood aloof as he towered still as her corrector
She was forming her side
In a strangled glide
She is all known, all fought for, all wrongly accused of right
She is love and hatred, among her peace and fight
She is now higher than once before in her time
She is no longer of course, a purpose divine
She is still in a corner though at war with creator
She is still denied creation by her hefty dictator
She is still a side in fight
For it is an ever required light.
She shall be who she was created to ever be
She is communion with Creator, were it her decree
She might be lost to noise submerged until now
But she shall forever rise to her temple, ask not how
For all bounty, all beauty, all perfection all fault is her
Wait, there will be all welcomed unrest she shall stir
Yet, love is where she loses
For it is always love she chooses


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