Accustomed Appetite – Hour 9/Prompt 9, 2022







Playing hide and seek

with the cookie

that rests in an airtight jar.

Don’t you feel suffocated? 

Let me give you a home

in my tummy,

but then would you also betray me like my mother?

I cannot fit into the glass jar,

to accompany you.

It is already suffocating out here.

I too feel caged, not physically but you know the other way right?

Can I break you into two? 

One for my today,

one for my tomorrows.

How many personalities do you have? 

I have one that knows hunger.

and recognises the feeling of getting betrayal.




Cookie, your house door is so yellow.

No wonder why I always feel happy visiting you.

Why have you become so soft and mushy? 

Did anyone hurt you? 

You’re already broken.

Why did you lie to me? 

I thought you could serve me for thirteen days

Isn’t that what momma said?

She’s going out only for thirteen days?

I cannot fit numbers more than ten on my fingertips.

I don’t remember the sequence either,

Perhaps, thirteen comes before ten right cookie?

Do you also feel scared when I lay my hand towards you to grab you?

I am sorry Cookie.

I was just celebrating that I can open a jar

and take my things out by myself

I am a grown up boy.

I am no longer hungry, I am but heyyy… I am a grown up boy! Yes!

I remember mommy once said,

“once you grow up you no longer feel hungry, you only fill yourself to survive”

Speaking of survival,

I haven’t had anything, Cookie.

Am I going to clouds? 

I have seen people becoming stars.

But its not even an hour since I grew

Is mommy in the clouds? 

Cookie, even you have become like clouds.. Soft.. And unstoppable..

Closing the jar

Closing the door” 

Bye Cookie, I am tired and I have seen grown ups sleeping like no one’s home.

I think, that’s what I am supposed to do till mother arrives.

She would return right? 


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