Poem 12 | {To play with metaphysics}

By Ajanta Judd All Rights Reserved – 10am Australian EST

Prompt 12:This prompt has steps, and you have to do them in order. Don’t look ahead to the next step before completing the previous one. 1. Grab a book off a shelf at random. 2. Read the first line of the book and the last line of the book. 3. Pick one of them. 4. You have to use every single word in this line in a poem. Those words can be used at any point in the poem.

From: “On Poetic Imagination and Reverie” by Gaston Bachelard

To play with being and non-being, starting from a trifle, from a flame – perhaps merely an imagined flame – is for a philosopher a beautiful instance of illustrated metaphysics.”


{To play with metaphysics}


To play with metaphysics,

is that beautiful trifle sitting there a work of art?

manifested from an altered state?

the starting point of a flame?

Or, merely a concrete object,

existing to appease the gastric senses?

Then, perhaps an imagined blob

illustrated by the unconscious in a dream interpretation?

In this reverie,

where does being begin and non- being end?

In any instance, the philosopher

can masterfully conjure up from imagination

with gusto, desire and flame of intellect –

a glimpse of the unknown.

For isn’t the quantum field exactly that?

An endless, spontaneous source of possibility?

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