Etsy Again For a Box of Rocks

Like hell I’ll give

Bezos more money to fuel his yacht

Onto Etsy to support the small shop owners—

I’m procuring a box of rocks as my husband

called these New Age nuggets—

Many colors of agate in blue and green shades for courage;

not to discourage;

Jasper for stress; not for Casper the Friendly Ghost;

Turquoise for grounding, not for keeping away boys

Moonstone for inner growth, not for a telescope;

Bloodstone for strengthening, not blood letting;

Amazonite for harmony, not Jeff Bezos;

Sodalite for awakening, not napping;

Jade for inspiration, not to control perspiration;

Malachite for insight, not spite;

Lapis for friendship, not “frien emies;

Peridot for self care, not to be a square;

and Celestite for calm, not Napalm

Added all together, a huge chunk of change,

Wait, what?!

No free shipping?

Guess I’ll fuel Bezos’ rocket fuel

and prays he shuttles with free shipping,

Now I’m going to hell,


Etsy is having a sale,

There’s only 4 available and 20 in other’s carts?

Now what is the meaning for fool’s gold?



One thought on “Etsy Again For a Box of Rocks

  1. I like the compare and contrast of the lines about the stones. An unexpected twist at the end and a great description of the experience of shopping online and all that it entails. I also just love the title!

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