Hour 12 First Drum Circle

Studied Shamans in anthropology in college

interested in learning and participating in a local drum circle

saw a flier for an evening  in a semi-private location

decided to come a little early to sit in and observe

followed my nose,

the incense burning Ponderosa Pine

cool air wafts around my sandals

great, I’ve literally got cold feet

footsteps echo,

still disturbed no one is here yet

I expected the “regulars” to be here in deep conversation

with me and my awkward, “hi,”

only two chairs set up

no blankets or pillows around

was I supposed to bring a yoga mat?

a cushion?

I wonder how we’ll see each other

beyond the turquoise vase with wild grass strands

the drum is formidable

it’s the only one

was I supposed to bring my own drum?

Finally, someone pokes his head in—

“Hello, drum circle is canceled tonight,”

Oh, that’s too bad.

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