Without the Sun

Summertime, and the rain’s still coming down.
We were kids and this was our summer vacation.
We were supposed to be outside goofing off,
having some fun, but the rain came down for days.

We made a plan to head to the park beside the lake,
and go for a swim rain or shine.
We made peanut butter and honey sandwiches,
and crammed them, with our towels and

swim suits, into brown paper bags, and
started out. It poured all the way there.
By the time we hit the parking lot, our bags
were soaked through, our lunches wrapped
in towels, also soaked. We were bickering.

We dared each other to put on our suits.
We put our suits on.

We dared each other to run to the shore.
We ran to the shore.

We dared each other to step into the lake.
We stepped into the lake.

We were so easy.
We were startled
to find the water warm.

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