High school

She rummaged through her locker,

chocked full of stray papers and overdue library books

Piles of academic accoutrement,

Exploding out, overfilling book bags and exhausted brain.

She forgot what she was looking for.

With a hefty push of her foot,

She beat back that wild jungles overgrowing in her little locker,

and slammed the door close.

One thought on “High school

  1. I enjoyed reading this. I read this three times, and with each reading the images became more vivid with color. At first, the locker seemed gray or blue in my minds eye, with white papers and pale or silver items. The “jungle” towards the end led me to read again and picture more colors and tangle the second time I read it. That second time actions (rummaged, push of her foot, beat back, and slammed) made this more active. All came together in my third reading, and I really enjoyed (well, not always “enjoyed”) the experience of struggling with a locker in the busy high school hallway.

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