Against the Current

Against the current

Swelling and gushing

Frothing and foaming

Pooling salivating drool

Rising up into a crescent

And breaking!

With a thunderous roar

Swaying with the waves

Of harmless doubt

Swirling with ripples

Of pulsating excitement,

Then plunging

 To deep despair

Dancing in the glittering water

Of a vast blue sea

Calling and shouting

Pleading mercy

Wailing and yelling

Bursting torrents of rain

From the heart of an abyss

Engulfing, drowning darkness

Of sounds and sights

Flailing, bobbing plights

Desperately splashing

A slapping whiplash

Stinging and soothing

With a mindless void

Crushing and pulling

In a swirling vortex

Of babbling confusion

And watery eyes

And from amid

The emerald darkness

The blind rages

Of a despairing monster

Shoots a ray

Cracking and shattering

The watery illusion

A spark!

Diving in the heart

Of the heartless waters

And bubbling and bobbing

Floating and failing

Breathing and losing

Trickling and teasing

Rippling in waves

And spraying

Droplets of









2 thoughts on “Against the Current

  1. I truly felt the currents of water under the boat and I was occupying every ripple and every bubbling opulence of effervescent wetness all over me.. wow! I found a poem in your expert play on words! You did amazingly a poem where surfers and lovers can take a ride on the waves!

    Seventh Solstise

    1. Thank you. I was hoping for a drowning man’s experience and how the rippling pulsating waves, their building and crashing, and natural unpredictability could be a manifestation of our emotions.
      Water is so fluid, so expressive, just like our emotions!

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