Gathered for massacre

Prompt 12

(Write about a gathering with others.)


The harvest was ripe and gold

What a gathering behold

The sky was gay, and colors merry

A romantic pink, a scarlet cherry


All gathered to celebrate

Sweat of toil but fickle fate

Had something else in store

Shrieks of pain, cries of gore


Rain had showered them with grain

Bullets fired shooting pain

Groups of innocents huddled in fear

To jump in wells or swallow a tear

Children sobbed and clung to breasts

Mother’s stricken, men were prest

But Dyer had kept on firing

His selfish heart, ne’er tiring


Like a bloodbath to pour

Silence resounding ever more

Rivers of shame, of ghastly pain

Would not claim such unjust gain

Blooming blood of innocents slain

Booming guns, horrific refrain

No matter what time, what the place

This hardened brutal truth I face

’twas nothing but a glaring preface

Of a bloody




***The refrence here is to the Jallianwala Bagh Massacre of 13th April, 1919

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