Nostalgic Noodles

Prompt 9

(Look in your cupboards and find a food that brings up a childhood memory, and the memory is your prompt.)


Pulling open my drawers

The smell of maggi tickles my nose

How it would drip on my face

Splattering my nose, licking my plate

So soft and stringy and long

Sweet tomatoes freshly chopped

With a burning onion taste

My clothes would yellow

Onions slick and golden

Simmering with oily jeera

Sizzling to spicy perfection

Plopping the noodles

In bubbling whistling water

Untangling and twirling

Wisps of flavour curling

Calling, whetting my tongue

Slurped and burped in days young



2 thoughts on “Nostalgic Noodles

  1. Enjoyed reading this poem – the description is very visceral and made me feel as if I was there. Also liked the way that you constructed it A little bit like a recipe but of course…not.
    Thank you.

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