Bonded Ancestor

Prompt 7

(A letter to myself from someone)


I see you took your own path

Don’t be startled!

Yes, I am from the grave


You have grown up and time has flown

You’ve got spirit, I never did own

Yet, my old weak weary bone

Wishes time would stop, I had a clone

You listened not to fears,

Not bowed before lies

Fought your way through tears

Broken all foolish ties

Son, I’m proud. You weren’t like me

But a wounded fly, fluttering free





2 thoughts on “Bonded Ancestor

  1. I like how we don’t know who the bonded ancestor is until there is a hint at the end, ‘son….’ and yet we still dont really know – mother, father, elder. But it doesnt matter in the end – the ancestor shows their pride in the author.

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