Hour Six: Meet Again Two

Author’s Note: This is much like the meet again poem that I did for hour two, but instead, it’s in Darryl’s point of view. The poem is addressed to Diana. Enjoy.

I call your name, but

you can’t hear me.

I see you,

but you don’t see me.

I breath,

but you don’t really know.



how it pains me

to see your pain

and to know that I can’t hold you in my arms

to make you feel better.


All I can do is

give you small signs of my existence

and wait for you to return to me

after your life is over.


It sounds so simple,

yet it isn’t.

It sounds so easy,

but…it isn’t.


You could be married by the end of your life for all I know,

and then I couldn’t be with you.

But I know

if you just keep having faith that I am here

and never lose sight of the love I have for you,

we can be together

forever and always.




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