Poem 32559 (2017)

Terror fills me
As I think of the shame
How do I even explain?
I hardly understand it myself

The time comes
It’s painful
But to my surprise
Ends quickly
The result of my labor
Rushed away

Time ticks on
Friends and family visit
I haven’t told them and yet
There is something in their eyes
A secret of their own

It’s been too long
They tell me everything is fine
But I know it’s not
Where is she?
I have to see her
I have to hold her

No one will talk to me
They act like nothing is happening
But their faces betray them
I prepare to interrogate them

Jolting awake
A moment, and then clarity
Just a dream
Yet there is an aching in my chest
A longing for her
She who is nothing more
Than a hope and a dream

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