J (2017)

I wish I could tell you
What’s been on my mind.
Tell you all of the thoughts, the feelings
That have been plaguing me.
I want to tell you how much
Just knowing you means to me.
I want you to know how much I care,
To know that I love you.

I wish you loved me back
But, strangely enough, I am content.
Just having you near
Brings me more joy than I could ever hope.
I want you to stay
Not as a lover, per say,
But at least as a friend.
To think of losing you
Makes my heart hurt.

Someday, you will have to leave.
I get it, I can’t change it,
And I wouldn’t want to keep you
From your happiness.
But please, for now
Just stay,
Don’t leave me just yet.
Let me enjoy your company
A little while longer.

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