Musings of a Fangirl (2017)

I joined the hunt.
I traversed time and space.
I solved crimes
and I avenged the earth.
I dreamed a dream.
I saw history made on ice.
I searched for lost memories
and joined a wizard’s guild.
I saw citizens fail their city.
I have been in the depths of despair.
I saw a boy who lived
and a world inside of a suitcase.
I wished upon a star.
I saw the fastest man alive.
I traveled between universes
and ventured into the dragon’s keep.
I joined the rebellion.
I gazed upon the final frontier.
I participated in the Games
and stood with the Divergents.
I searched for abnormals.
I vanquished demons.
I saw a world barely touched by human hands.
I mingled with children of the gods
and saw the Once and Future King fall.
I felt the pain of loss.
I felt the joy of reunion.
I felt the relief of truth
and the anger of lies.
I have lived a thousand lives
and not regretted one.
I have seen wonders and possibilities
in a world too often bleak.

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