Hour Nineteen – My Tale of Two Cities

Hour Nineteen – There are so many nature poems out there. Our prompt for this hour of the night is to write a poem for a city, real or imagined.


My Tale of Two Cities

Two homes have I, they’re oceans apart

Two cities, not one, I’ll say from the start

Two cultures, so diverse and different at first

Together, however, they quench my thirst.


Calcutta in Bengal, the City of Joy

I breathe in the grime, the dust, the whole

Rest my weariness on her ample bosom

She rocks me alive and soothes my soul.


Glasgow then, my home of choice

Where we have put down roots for many years

And raised our child with a Scottish voice

With folk so friendly after chips and beers


There’s a thread that runs through both

A thread that isn’t just me

The parallels are there, an historical oath

That most of you have yet to see.


The Scottish Cemetery in the heart of Calcutta

The Tagore Society in Glasgow’s core

The two bards have songs in common

Paisley, football, jute and more.


Wouldn’t it be grand then?

If I could blend the two

Take the best out of both these cities

And create for me a utopia new.





6 thoughts on “Hour Nineteen – My Tale of Two Cities

  1. As someone whose heart has always been broken by geography, this poem resonated deeply, but really shone in the details of two cities I know very little about, but you communicate beautifully. Really splendid.

  2. This is beautiful. I love how you connected the two cities. I especially loved the ending resolution and the lines- “There’s a thread that runs through both/A thread that isn’t just me”. Really well articulated.

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