Prompt Two – Musings

Hour Two – Text Prompt

Read Robert Frost’s poem Stopping By Woods on a Snowy Evening,  chose one line or phrase, and with credit, write a poem with that line or phrase in it. Prompt partially contributed by Se Johnson.




Life could be easy, airy, light, and breezy

if it were only up to us.

But as I sit and ponder, my mind begins to wonder

at all the nonsense and the fuss.


I don’t see the point of stilettoed heels.

I don’t see the need for seven-course meals.

Nuclear arms, ammunition farms, wireless-synched alarms!

What is the reason why storms are named each season?


Why can’t things be easy? Old-fashioned and breezy?

As we stop and stare at woods dark and deep.

But ah, that’s the grumble, like Robert Frost we crumble.

Because we all, we all have promises to keep.



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