Mother, why don’t you talk?

Mother, it’s been a long time,

Why don’t you talk?

Tell me of all the things you did today..

It’s okay, it’s really okay if you did nothing extraordinary..

Mother, why don’t you ask me how I’m doing?

Yes, I have nothing extraordinary to say too

And you want to hang up..

But, it’s okay, it’s really okay, mother!

We don’t always have to say extraordinary things.

Mother, don’t keep the phone just yet..

It hasn’t even been five minutes…

I hear you try to stifle a yawn..

How can I tell you,

And will you ever know..

That just hearing your voice

Fills up the emptiness in me,

Makes me want to do thousands of things..

Makes me want to go out into the world,

And smile at everyone..


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