Curse Breaker

As I listen to my children

I shake my head with disgust, sadness, regret

Not at them or because of them

It’s because of myself

This is what I passed down

When they were but eggs in my womb

I’m not able to change what was done before me

Or take back the curses that my mother spoke on me and them

And I cannot take back the curses that I gave with my words and actions

Before I real-eyes I don’t want to stay the same

I needed to change

And change is what I did

Change is what I’m doing

However the consequences and side effects of the curse must play out

As I continue to pour, do, speak, act


That blessing of peace

For my children and me

Creating, teaching, reprogramming, molding, sharing, showing

MAKing more Curse Breakers

Who will make more Curse Breakers

Till there’s no curse left to break

And leaving love, peace, healing, health, success, prosperity, life, fun, laughter, Connectedness

What Curses Have You Broken Today!






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