Hour Ten: Heartbreak Hill

I wrote all of these poems
without wifi,
without the internet,
with nothing but a single bar of data
on an outdated mobile phone
and a folding keyboard
that wants to do nothing more
than capitalize letters at the

start of lines. The thing
doesn’t even have
a delete key.
Deletions have to be
tediously erased with the backspace key.
Even the bloody dog knows
that the backspace key
can function as a delete key,

but he is pissed off,
and I don’t blame him,
because I have not
walked him nearly enough today.
He is of no help.
The same is true of my intellect,
straining to find words
and form them at this hour.

4 thoughts on “Hour Ten: Heartbreak Hill

  1. Good on you getting the poems done and posted with out-dated technology and finicky keyboards and wifi!! I can see your dog giving you the eye, waiting and waiting – but poetry takes its own time and course – love this poem!

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