Half vs Full

The  forbearance of leaving

My friends at the half

Seemed logical


There’s a new princess

Due anytime now

the Poetess thought


As her heart longed for words

Long after midnight


That magical time

where headphones rock her

through to the morning light



Though not through her plight

those Word Temptresses

Still sauntering by

Clasping my hand

Saying “come let’s write”

to my Vivi ~ Nanny Loves you

As I sit here contemplating

Completing the down hill slip

Of the annual event I wait for

Like a child at Christmas


As We sit here waiting

For your blessed arrival

I’m on call

As we walk along each day, closer

We ponder who you’ll be

We wonder, what will ignite your passion.

For we each have our own

Music, Art, Words, Magic

Our imaginations not limited by our intelligence

We dare grow beyond.

Never forget, Nanny loves you



Odd Form Out

Mitch Brown

Hr 13

I wonder why limericks weren’t used
Could it be that they’ve gotten confused
For it seems odd to me
Cause this form is so free
Did they fear that they would be abused


Nonet #2 ( I think)

Could it be, that the end of the line
Is not close to what we believe
Victorious from the start
Twelve Hours completed
Till the dreaded form
She Prompted
At the

No No Nonet

Mitch Brown

Hr 12

No No Nonet

The written word speaks loud to the herd
Our attempts to entertain them
We speak and try,make them cry
Or give them hearty laughs
Attempts we have made
Some are a shade
A few words
Can mean

Yuletide Fib

Night of the
year. We gather our
wood, to burn through the long cold night.

Word Salad

Mitch Brown

Hr 11

Word salad

The cloud floats over a periwinkle sky
The birds thread the needle as they pass by

The old man feeds them sourdough
Although the forest ranger says no

Their wings they beat and up they soar
And pass the great skyscraper door

Life Ranger

I’ve dreamt about
being in gumboots
As a Forest Ranger

I’ve viewed Chicago
From the tallest skyscraper

I’ve seen clouds
Form and rise like sourdough

I’ve longed for
the Storefont
dressed in periwinkle

I’ve always danced
To the beat of my own drum

I’ve fixed and made things
With needle and thread

I’ll spread
Love, light and happiness
Until I am dead

The Longest Night

Mitch Brown

Hr 10

The longest, darkest night on earth
It speaks to us of lights rebirth
Dark broken with fire and ice

The day is served with food and drink
And gives us cause to pause and think
Dark broken with fire and ice

The years have changed the tone and cause
Usurped by those with selfish clause
Dark broken with fire and ice

Yet still the names are sung with love
None have replaced what’s seen above
Dark broken with fire and ice.

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