Treasure and Treasure, Hour 17/Prompt 17

Twinning on a Thursday evening

with my friend Nine,

a green, shabby yet shy one,

but doesn’t hesitate to join.


We went to barber shop,

on the way we found,

he bought me a pistachio ice cream,

I gave him my calm.


Distorted Squares: Hour 16, 2022

An eyeshadow palette

filled with sand

consisting particles

of broken bottles

of broken shells

carrying letters

found at the seashore,

read them only to escape boredom

Moonchild: Hour 15/Prompt 15, 2022


On a night full of stars,

I drink wine stirred by the flowers.


I raise my glass offering a glass to moon,

and noticed my shadow holding the same.


The gentle sensationn of seclusion

down the throat,

softening the syllables of every word uttered.


Seeking the slices of the moon,

on a table covered with upholstery planets

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