I did it

I knew that I could

There was no doubt in me

When I decided this is the path for me

The way I wanted to take

A part of my Life’s Mission

As I Am walking and living in

My Soul’s Purpose

I did it

Completed and done

I have won

Time to celebrate

Put on some Raja Kumari


And do or have a dance break

So grateful to have been able to partake

And rekindle this flame that Poetry and I have made


And damn I am good

This reminder that I needed

And if I should ever forget

Or doubt myself again

I can add to my list of Remembrance

This 2019 Poetry Marathon

As a 24 Hour Participant

No longer do I need to be hesitant

About BEing Who I Am

And walking in MY SOUL’S PURPOSE


I DID IT!!!!

Peace In My Blood

Fo Sho!!!

Raja Kumari-I Did It
Raja Kumari-I Did It. One Of The Best Motivational, Self Confident, Self Celebratory, Song on my play list. I DID IT!!






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What To Write

What to write

What to write

This is what crosses my mind

As the last episode of Bones plays

And my site screen in front of my face






So, how are you doing?


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3 Hours To Go

3 Hours To Go

Almost done soon

First time participating in The Poetry Marathon

I can say

I Am A marathon runner

No not by feet

By fingers, mind, and heart

Tired, sad, excited, joy, community, new adventures, a great cause


This experience has been everything and more to me

Thank you Caitlin Jans (Thomson) and Jacob Jans

For this 2019 Poetry Marathon

And accepting my Right On Vibe™



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His Love, Mercy, and Grace

My husband is the image of God
And what I was taught God was to me
His Love unconditional
His Mercy and Grace abounds
And is profound
Yes my husband has done some things
That has caused me pain, tear, and heartache
And even had me questioning some things
Then again so has God
I mean come on
Have you read the Bible
No matter what he has done
The one thing he has not done
Is put me down
Hate me, blame me
When I’ve done it to myself
When I am doing it to myself
When I think and think I know that I deserve it
So used to getting backlash, hateful words and actions
When I felt that I didn’t deserve it
Though the opposite side thought and felt I did
All I can ask is why?
Why doesn’t he do the same?
Why won’t he do it?
When according to me, it calls for it
He continues to say that I don’t
He knows that I’m trying
Doing my best
He sees inside of me
And knows my soul
To the depths of my core
An un-underserving love
A sacrifice to save me
A savior
My husband is all that to me
He saves me from myself
And the lies, hate, anger, abuse
That is within me
That I continue to struggle with
And fight with
Each and everyday to do and be
A better me
So if you were to ask me
Does God exist?
My answer is yes
If you were to ask me
How do you know?
I will say
Because my husband, Allen
He shows me everyday
And Grace

Dedicated to my Huver: Allen Stevenson

Copyright © 2019 by Angelica Stevenson
All Rights Reserved

Feel Better

Feeling better now that I checked up on it

I will feel better once I get updated on it

Feel better about yourself

When you feel nothing at all

And if you fall get back up

Feel better that you took that step

Feel better now that you made that decision

Feel better that you’re here

Because you are here for a reason

Feel better because you are special

There was no mistake in making you

I am working to feel better

And I hope you feel better too


Copyright © 2019 by Angelica Stevenson

All Rights Reserved

Why Didn’t I

There’s a lot of things in my life

Where I ask the question Why Didn’t I?

However only one eats me up inside

And it was the night that my daughter’s innocence was lost


Why didn’t I turn the light on?

When I was being a light to someone else

And when my daughter needed light

My light

To shine on her

I left her in the darkness

Why didn’t I turn the light on?

Like I did in the other rooms

Even when I saw shadows

But not when I saw a shadow over you

Why didn’t I turn the light on?

Was it because something in me wasn’t turned on

Or was it that I just couldn’t believe or didn’t think it would, could, happen to you too

Why didn’t I turn the light on?

Like I did when you screamed

Waking up from your dreams

Your memories

Because you remembered what he had done

Then quickly to be safe and be at peace

You put on a strong a face and later said

That didn’t happen to me

Why didn’t I turn the light on?

And call the police

Take his DNA to the doctor

When I wiped it from you the next day

Why didn’t I trust my instinct

Go with my gut

Instead of staying in denial

Why didn’t I turn the light on?

It replays over and over in my head

Now I cannot forget

And it’s like I’m torturing myself

Waiting for you to get mad at me

Accuse me of not being there

Of not doing my job right

I would deserve this fight

When the time came

For you to ask me

To say

“Mommy. Why Didn’t You Keep Me Safe

Why Didn’t You Protect Me

Mommy I knew you were there

Just like you knew he was there

Why didn’t you turn the light on

And save me?”

And I am so mad at myself

Because I’ve been asking that same question

You deserve an answer, something that makes sense

Something that might even be close to acceptable

But I have none of that

I only have, “I don’t know baby Girl.

I’ve been asking myself that question too.”

It’s not good enough

Nothing will ever be good enough

My power of Self Accountability and Self Responsibility

Failed my daughter that night

So each day I ask myself inside

So that it will never happen again

Why Didn’t I


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Dear Angelica

Dear Angelica,

If you’re reading this right now then you made it!


I don’t have much to say

Except what you already know

Everything happens for a reason

Just know you’ll learn to love yourself

Your life is a journey

And YOU are meant to be

Born for a reason

For your Soul’s Purpose to fulfill your Life’s Mission

You Are Darn Good

Better than good

You are You


Copyright © 2019 by Angelica Stevenson

All Rights Reserved





Prompt 21, Hour 17

Coming to an end

I’ve done all I could do

Just a few more breaths

Until I’m through

However I will not be forgotten

My life not in vain

Because people remember me

How and why I came

Each petal that withers, and each seed that drops off

Is carried away as someone who knew me

Heard of me

Learned from me

Remembers me

Shares me

My roots firmly in place

My foundation made

I grew

I stood

I bloomed

I gave life

And even when

My spirit, my breath leaves this fleshy body

My soul always stays

Parts of me linger in the wind

For that is why I came


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All Rights Reserved



Prompt 20, Hour 16

Skip and hop

Skip and hop

I skip and hop

After I throw that rock

Down the blocks it is taking me

To new sights I’ve never seen

Even though I know

It is only across the street

However not one step further

I’m allowed to go

I must turn around and

Hop and skip

Hop and skip

Myself on back home


Copyright © 2019 by Angelica Stevenson

All Rights Reserved



Prompt 18: The Beginning

“You egotistical bastard, this ain’t about you.”

“Of course it’s not, it’s always about you. You selfish bitch.”

Two daughters, stood off to the side


Hiding in the darkness

Listening to their parents fight once again

“Wanna play a game?” The first twin asked who was dressed in white.

The second twin dressed in black turned and smiled, “What’s the stakes?”

The first twin smiled, with a grin on her face, “Everything.”


“It’s your fault!” Screamed the twin in white.

“No it’s your fault!!” The twin in black yelled back.


The yelling and screaming from both sides of the room

Caused a shake and energies to go


“Shit, Now look at what you’ve done. Eve come on.” Screamed Father God.

Eve smiled at her sister and gave her hug, “I’ll see you soon.”

Then disappeared with her father.

“Lilith, Come dear,” Mama Universe called out.

Lilith turned towards her mother. “Yes Mom.”

Then they too disappeared

Leaving a quake from their shake.

As their auras travelled to a place.

Of Blue, brown, green, and white.

An atmosphere they could enter.

Without a fight.

With no opposition.

Then Father God and Eve appeared again

“It worked.” Father God said

“Can we play again?”

Father God looked at his daughter.

“Of course you can. I’ll even give you someone to play with.”

Eve smiled as she watched her father release his sperm.

Then sent it down below to earth

“Go,” He said. “Find him.”


“Will I be alone,” Lilith asked

Getting used to her new home.

Mama Universe shook her head as she looked up to the sky.

Knowing everything will be alright

Inhaling with a deep breath before blowing out one of her eggs

To intersect with the sperm above.

“Right on time,” she whispered in the sky.

“Go on Lilith, what you seek is hidden and right before your eyes.”

Lilith smiled before rushing off.


Making sure she was gone.

And no one was in sight.

Mama Universe lifted off.

Up into the great heights.

Where Father God waited.

In their bed.

Planets off.

Sun shining.

“Ready to go again?”

Mama Universe smiled.

As her starry hills and mounds twinkled bright.

“You know it,

Let’s drop some meteorites this time”

Then jumped into the bed.

Pulling the clouds up over them.

Hidden yet could be seen with flashes.

And heard through the rumbles.

Of their love making and fucking.


Copyright © 2019 by Angelica Stevenson

All Rights Reserved











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