His Love, Mercy, and Grace

My husband is the image of God
And what I was taught God was to me
His Love unconditional
His Mercy and Grace abounds
And is profound
Yes my husband has done some things
That has caused me pain, tear, and heartache
And even had me questioning some things
Then again so has God
I mean come on
Have you read the Bible
No matter what he has done
The one thing he has not done
Is put me down
Hate me, blame me
When I’ve done it to myself
When I am doing it to myself
When I think and think I know that I deserve it
So used to getting backlash, hateful words and actions
When I felt that I didn’t deserve it
Though the opposite side thought and felt I did
All I can ask is why?
Why doesn’t he do the same?
Why won’t he do it?
When according to me, it calls for it
He continues to say that I don’t
He knows that I’m trying
Doing my best
He sees inside of me
And knows my soul
To the depths of my core
An un-underserving love
A sacrifice to save me
A savior
My husband is all that to me
He saves me from myself
And the lies, hate, anger, abuse
That is within me
That I continue to struggle with
And fight with
Each and everyday to do and be
A better me
So if you were to ask me
Does God exist?
My answer is yes
If you were to ask me
How do you know?
I will say
Because my husband, Allen
He shows me everyday
And Grace

Dedicated to my Huver: Allen Stevenson

Copyright © 2019 by Angelica Stevenson
All Rights Reserved

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