Hour 24, Poem 30

On a warm afternoon
Sunlight filters through the leaves
Forming shadows on the ground
Covered with yellow leaves
And I am here
In the gentle embrace of warmth
Trying to catch a bit of
Sunlight enchanting me
But how would you catch something
You have already?
In your heart, in mine too
An eternal sunshine flows through.
Keeping warm at the onset of fall
Or be it in the middle of winter blues
A little bit of our own sunlight
That’s ‘Hope’ to you.

Hour 23, Poem 29

Once there was a crow
That wanted to touch the sun
To fly higher and higher
To where there was no one
And so he tried day in day out
To fly with all he had
But in the end he was still here
Away from sun and very sad
One day the wind and the cloud
Seeing his tireless aim
Asked him about it and
“I will touch the sun” Was his claim
Impressed with the tiny crow
And his dare to dream
They offered to help him
To atleast reach the sunbeam
And as the cloud carried the crow
And wind pushed them ahead
They finally reached near sun
Where the sky was red
Bidding farewell to his friends
The crow hailed a sunbeam and took it to ride
Towards the sun with all his might and
Finally touched it with his wings and his eyes were bright.
The crow got his heartfelt wish
And you could too
With friends, effort and hard work
Nothing is impossible to do.

Hour 22, Poem 28: The Baby Mat

(I tried writing about a baby mat but it didn’t quite land. Will be revising it when I am more awake.)

I saw the first steps of the baby
Also when he fell and cried
Then got up again to try take his own steps.
I felt the tiny baby teeth
Trying to bite my edges off
Just two of them but really sharp
I heard the giggles and bumbling words
That made no sense but still told
Everything that ought to be heard.
And now here I am in a corner
Of a room full of toys and books
Dusty yet still there for whenever
I am needed for the support
and safety and as a teether
And to catch a baby taking her first steps.

Hour 21, Poem 27

Running through the empty streets
On dark streets in empty night
Silence surrounds me like a shroud

Nothing to see, just my own dissipating breath
I can only hear my own life signs
Waiting for them to fade away

But in the darkness, something shines
As the cloud shifts to reveal
The stars and the moonlight

And just the view of that round sky rock
Dark in itself but still reflecting light
Has me stopping and just staring

The halo around the moon reminding me
Of something long forgotten,
A promise that makes me move again

And this time its not the darkness I see
This time it’s the gentle moonlight comforting me
As I, towards a new tomorrow, take off running.

Hour 20, Poem 26

Iron wall
Strong and sturdy
I can’t see the top
From down here
Iron wall
Between me and my dreams
It won’t even dent
No matter what I do
Iron wall
I will scale you
Sooner than later
I will be there
Iron wall
On the other side of you
It might not be safe
But it’s what I’m meant to do.

Hour 19, Poem 25

Purple cotton candy clouds
Over a city of written dreams
Drifting, gliding, floating
Covering everything in a hazy glow
Not unlike sleep laden eyes
And mind conjuring up vivid pictures
Of fairies, dwarves and goblins
Dryads, elves, gremlins
Mingling in a landscape of serene chaos
Magic and dreams form worlds
More worlds… and words
Of wisdom, love and hope.
I wanted to find something
More than mere words
And give it to you
So this is the place I offer to you.

Hour 18, Poem 24

I teach

middle schoolers

Who act like

pre school kids

Everyday I hear

The same  complaints

  •  He took my book! 
  • She is using my pencil! 
  • He spilled water…. 
  • And threw food on my table!

And everyday I tell them

The same  things over again

∞ repeating rules like a ˜broken record˜

  • ask nicely!
  • Clean up after yourself
  • be civil

At least… Pretend?

And everyday they listen

only to forget. 

I teach, but more than that…

I meditate.

                    breathe in∼

              breathe out∼


Hour 18, Poem 23

A house engulfed in silence
Empty sans for a lone crow
There is no murder at least
But it feels odd
As blue bird eyes stare
Right into my soul
And I step back
One step, two, three step, four
I step out of the door
And watch as the lone bird
Goes back into the shadows
Ready to emerge again to warn

Hour 17, Poem 22

The beautiful flower of despair
Blooms on the edge of the cliff
The cold one with no shelter
Merciless winds beating throughout the year
There you can reach by losing all your warmth
And feeling cold to the bones, hollow inside out
And once there, you just need to lean
A little forward and see
Flowers of red, flowers of dead
And if you lose and fall,
Another flower will bloom right there
The beautiful flower of despair
Blooming on the edge of the cliff…

Hour 17, Poem 21

Take a peek
And you’ll see
Colours, shapes, patterns

Just a little twist
And there it is
Change, beauty, dynamic

A little to the left
Or to the right
Is enough to open more

Take it away and back you will be
Taking a peek, twisting, left, right
Just to get another glimpse of them

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