The Blessed Surprise

At 41
I felt very sick
I went to the doctors
I wanted to make it quick
He said you’re fine
And when are you going to draw the line?
“What do you mean?” I said
Is this something I’m going to dread?
You’re pregnant again
“Oh my!” I said.
And after three boys
It’s a girl to be blessed!

Before Darkness

As I arise each day
Through my eyes beauty seen
The purpose of my life
The dawn refreshing
Sun rising so bright
Marvelous Wonders Of My Life
As through the day I walk
Friends and family
And people I meet
Are important to me
Even just being able to walk down the street
Making the difference in each and every life
For the sweetness of the day
to fill their cups
Before dusk comes in the evening
I have completed my purpose
Before Darkness wants to take ahold of us all

Forgotten Love Faithful

I need to always remember
and to never forget.
The morning should bring a refreshing of love for you.
Invisible relationship
Forgotten not true
Yet faithful friend
I really was listening
I don’t want it to end
Where we were in the morning
we will start anew
The sometimes I forget
you’re still faithful to me
This is something I need to remember to cherish
throughout my life as history

The End

First God’s gospel given
For to accept by those willing
Time and chance changes
Lives of many rearranges
Darkness of life
Tornadoes, Earthquakes and strife
One World Rule
Don’t give in and be fooled
Military Law came
The Mark taken by many the same
Fear set in
Not to buy anything without the stain
Truth Ends
A New Time Begins