Hour 15

Here am I

The Beggar Queen

Irresistibly disheveled

Scraping knees, grasping hands

And begging in the smallest voice

Please tell me- am I pretty?

There are you

The Mummer King

Unfailingly disarming

Stroking skin, cupping chin

I’m begging with the biggest eyes

Please love me- am I worthy?

Hour 14

It approaches my own witching hour, 3:33

My lover grows tired.


Bell, book, and candle now take up

Then raise your cup

Renounce your lord

You’ll be adored

Raven, rat, and blackest cat

On shoulders sat

Sing your virtues

And take your dues

The coven maketh you their own

In stitches sewn

Bound by blood

Now don thy hood

Hour 13

I’m letting myself down, but I can’t be sorry.

But I’ll do a minute poem this instead of a haiku or lune or whatever, just to prove I’m still invested.

Tell me how you’re doing lately

Prim and stately

Never badly

Smiling sadly

Always keeping your mask in place

Hiding your face

Secrets brewing

Feelings stewing

Never let the others see your heart

Or you’ll restart

The truest loss

Back to chaos

Hour 12

Here we are now, a new day technically. Distracted still by my delicious company.

So here we go again with the simple syllable counts…

Kiss me now

Tomorrow awaits

As do I

Hour 11

Midnight where I am. Some say the witching hour.

I’m still bewitched by my companion.

So here’s another quick and easy contribution so I can get back to him.

Silver tongued lover

Whispers love between my thighs

I respond in kind

Hour 10

And the slew of disappointing short form fob-off poems continues.

But I’m still taking part and I’m enjoying my private life at the same time, so that’s all that matters.

Finger and toe tips

Pleasures crawling over skin

Make me yours again

Hour 9

And swiftly on to the next cheap checkpoint to keep me afloat until I kick into gear…

Happy birthday, you

and now blow out the candles

Your wish goes unheard


Hour 8

Oof! Almost missed this hour due to… shenanigans…

Looks like it’s another haiku from me for now.

It’ll be interesting to see how I pick up in the wee hours when I’m good and drunk…

Tell me what I am

So mutable my substance

I am only clay

Hour 7

I won’t be able to do my usual Napping Hour haikus at this rate… but hey it’s a new way to experience the Marathon.

Another short’un whilst I get on with my date….

Over and done with

Servitude and solitude

A new life awaits

Hour 6

Still busy… So it’s another haiku for now…

Pink, Yellow, Blue, White

Hearts of stone; to feel is flaw

Coldness is beauty