Not too many things I can say I have done to completion determination to see this thu for that exact reason I had lot’s of help encouraging me to the finish my hubby and kids the two dogs even a friend or two everyone who stuck around to the end see you next year can’t wait to try again

Distant future

Truth is consuming the lies of the present once unconditional vows of corruption are a thing of the past democracy means something


Moldy dank and desolate insides dirty with secrets dark with lies

Stale like day old pumpernickel bread crumbled on to the concrete resembling neglected shit on the street

Unworthy of time let alone breath eyes sunken similar to glorious sun sets

Old School Wisdom


Ms Angelou called them rainbows. You know the kind of person that touches your soul.  The brave one not afraid to say hello ask how you doing how’s so and so

Crazy how we keep stepping forward but ain’t got enough sense to get up and go Remember positivity can be contagious so spread some around to all you know live  yes love too of course laugh do you..  but do you dare to be a rainbow bridge


Prompt 20

Trash will be our legacy

The future will know we existed by The remnants of our debris

Please explain how there’s more trash in space then there are galaxies

Beaches have eroded.        Oceans overloaded   millions of animals slaughtered needlessly



In a funk , stuck, try my old friends they always work for me

There’s plenty too choose all depends on your mood

We got soulful jazzy gospel even the blues

Ella Shirley And Billy too

To girly you say give the boys a play Dizzy James even Ray will do

Turn it up feel it low let the voices motivate your soul


29 two kids a husband at war kidneys not functioning as they should 3 different nephologist diagnosised it doesn’t look good

Mother’s illness is chronic why is mine end stage insides filled with angst fear and rage

Regardless of fear I had to be strong hold on tight for how ever long baby girl writing notes about never forgetting me..did she know my time was ending for a fact.       Old people believe babies and animals can predict stuff like that

You can’t imagine the overwhelming lost I felt so to ground I fell and on knees I knelt

To the heavens I prayed,just a little while longer Lord,oh please let me stay

Night Shift

Hot night air blows furiously pass dainty burgundy curtains.  Matching blinds drawn slightly

Musky scent of city combined with  living . Hard work he was never scared to work I bleed green always a marine is what he’d say

Summertime in Philly

Don’t be in a rush on a Saturday cause every street is blocked with tape or cops yelling “go the other way”

Everybody’s grilling pretzels and water ice flowing lot’s of beer chilling

Kids running free playing ball jumping double Dutch even tossing the frisbee

Shakespeare in the park movies after dark jazz cultural festivals galore

Some people may love New York.   It’s Philadelphia I adore

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