Young and restless

When I met you I was young and restless now my soul is withered and worn I gave my heart unconditionally then it was returned torn it was battered and bruised never to be the same I go toward love with haste cause the love I gave unconditionally turned out to be a waste.

Parting words

We have conversed for 24 hrs straight some opened a door to their lives some a small window neither easy to do. I would just like to thank everyone for the emcouragement and motivational words. Get some well deserved sleep fellow poets and always follow your heart and pens wherever they may take you.

She is

Sensitivity buried underneath armor still can be penetrated. Speaking so silence cannot affect her though the voices running through her head keep her busy enough as is. The what if’s and what nots are all consuming still she forges on. Heartbreak seems to motivate so still she’s hanging on. See’s the finish line before she sees the start only because she doesn’t follow her mind she is led by her heart and She Is motivated by Love. The idea of it the feeling it gives the sheer action of it is intoxicating and she is addicted.

Morning ritual

He woke me up with a kiss on my forehead and the scent of pancakes and bacon coming from the kitchen. He whispered goodmorning as he  caressed my hand. I sat up in the dark room lit by the television and the possibilities he wanted to nourish me before he ravaged me and I was a willing participant. He slowly poured syrup on the pancakes sliding the bacon to the side cause he knows how I like my meals served. A full stomach and full heart he whispers to me goodmorning sweet lady as he kissed away the remnants of syrup on my lips and asked me did I enjoy my 3am pancakes? I responded with gratitude as I always do climbed back into bed and whispered to him are you ready for your 4am interlude?????

Why am I awake

Worries bills and costs have haunted my dreams so to stop them I get up from my slumber with the hopes they would stop. Playing catch up like a horse with a dangling carrot I’m running in circles working for pennies and always losing sleep cause even in my dreams I can’t afford to be that deep. It’s just life some may say but those May not know that insomnia is a side affect of lack of cash flow.

The final stretch

My son was angry because I had been writing all day. He wanted my undivided attention he just wanted to play. I work 2 jobs and inbetween I try to write my thoughts he could careless that I am stressed with time that we have lost. I have a plan he may not understand hard work will reap rewards and then one day he may say he knows what this was for.


I waited for the ring the one on my hand the one on the phone. I waited until I questioned his sincerity and my sanity I had to get away. No pressure just honesty with that he couldn’t give. A commitment was what I was looking for with that he couldn’t live. Now he rings my phone and waits for answers I give when it suits me he waited so long I changed my mind now I want to be free.


Man’s best friend caught me by surprise like a child before his time. Can’t be replace or recreated black and white with a personality of his own I miss him everyday never thought he’d mean so much until he went away.

The cliff

When I thought the world of you the universe caved in. Thought if you were my confidant found out you weren’t my friend. I dreamed of you believed in you put faith beyond the sky. I trusted you jumped off the cliff then realized I couldn’t fly.


I was thinking if him today and it made me smile. That ear to ear kind that makes your eyes squint and your cheeks rise. I could hear his voice saying my name in a loving tone. His beautiful imperfections I had gotten used to now I have to get used to loving memories because loving him is not an option. My choice but seemed like my hand was forced rather remember the past fondly then to suffer in the present. The hurt will keep me away reminding me of why I can’t have him.

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