Morning ritual

He woke me up with a kiss on my forehead and the scent of pancakes and bacon coming from the kitchen. He whispered goodmorning as he  caressed my hand. I sat up in the dark room lit by the television and the possibilities he wanted to nourish me before he ravaged me and I was a willing participant. He slowly poured syrup on the pancakes sliding the bacon to the side cause he knows how I like my meals served. A full stomach and full heart he whispers to me goodmorning sweet lady as he kissed away the remnants of syrup on my lips and asked me did I enjoy my 3am pancakes? I responded with gratitude as I always do climbed back into bed and whispered to him are you ready for your 4am interlude?????

2 thoughts on “Morning ritual

  1. OMG! that was sooooooo sexy. loved, loved, loved it. made me want to eat bacon. lol

    seriously, the imagery…i will never look at 4:00am the same way again.

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